Design How-To: A Guide to Living Rooms

April 24, 2023

Do you ever get overwhelmed with the living spaces in your home? Confused on what decision comes first? We are breaking it down in today’s blog post to arm you with a plan for your next furnishings project. You got this!

Did I mention to check your dimensions?:) Use this as your order of operations for rugs:  
1. Determine the best size for your room. We like to have all furniture with front legs 6-8″ on the rug and back legs off. If you have a swivel, the rug needs to go past the base of the swivel chair. Nothing worse than a tottering chair.
2. Assess the functional needs of the room. Read: materials matter. 
See pro-tip below!
3. Consider the style and overall feel you want the room to have.
4. Get a rug pad cut to fit the rug size.
Pro tip: We love wool vintage rugs. Full stop. Wool is the best natural fiber for high traffic areas. However, when a space calls for something other than wool, we incorporate power loomed polypropylene rugs that are budget friendly. They come in a wide array of colors and patterns which can make any space come to life!
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