Our Story

haywoodmade interiors is a full-service design studio located in the Portage Park neighborhood of Chicago. 

Through purpose filled design, we create meaningful spaces for our clients. We believe that life informs design and form follows function. 

The haywoodmade aesthetic draws inspiration from elements found in nature. Through neutrals and saturated color, we curate multi-faceted spaces that evoke feeling. Streamlined furnishings, performance fabrics, mixed materials and thoughtful touches are our specialty. 

haywoodmade is led by Kelsey Haywood, a start-up business maven turned entrepreneur, who values beautiful relationships as much as beautiful design.

Kelsey grew up in a small town in Indiana and comes from a family of builders and makers. That background instilled a deep work ethic and trained vision at the core of her being. She now lives in a 1920s bungalow with her husband and three children.

Email: hello@haywoodmade.com

Phone: +1 312-380-9311

studio + the shop: 4942 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago, IL 60641

"You can probably tell from photographs that she has a keen eye for design and listens to her client's vision. In addition, she is respectful of budget and timelines, always explaining our options so that we know what to expect. She is extremely organized. Best of all, she's a very nice, congenial person -
the kind who leaves a place better than how she found it.

While we initially hired her to help us finish our house, we have found ourselves continuing the relationship as we fine tune each room. In short, we definitely would recommend Kelsey and haywoodmade interiors!"

- Carrie C.
SCROLL STOPPER👀 Inspiration image for our Door County project basement secured✔️ A vibey masterpiece by @amystormandco⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo
Winter blues💙
TO THE PARENTS who are battling what feels like an endless sick season and it's only DECEMBER 1st🤒😡🥴 A quick reminder to limit your upholstery in a kiddo's bedroom and always have a couple sets of bedding on hand. IYKYK.⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces
A flat lay fit for 🦃 day. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving and are gearing up for @shopsmall Small Business Saturday tomorrow!
We are grateful today and everyday. Hug those family and friends tight. Have yourself a very Happy Thanksgiving🙏🤍⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠⁠#haywoodmade #talmanproject #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces
Anyone else already planning their post-feast nap?🙋‍♀️😴 The pretty in punchy purple sofa from our Queens Lane project is just the ticket!⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #queenslanehouseproject
🎈This is 38🎈 I know I'm not alone in this, but I don't feel my age. The past several years have 100% aged me on the outside, yet most days, I feel about 27. While chaotic, I'm grateful for my life with the personal and professional fulfillment I always dreamed of. The cliff notes: None of which have been easy. ⁠⁠I do believe that life experiences give you the tools and efficiency needed to tackle the next challenge. I also feel like that sums up my 30s😅  With two years left in this decade and a lot of lost time with family and friends to make up for, I'm excited for what 38 has in store🤍⁠ Can't wait to spend a weekend away with @mikehaywood in Charleston!⁠⁠📷️: @stephaniebassos⁠⁠#haywoomade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #chicagointeriordesigner #birthday ⁠
Mike and I are headed to Charleston for our first time away since October 2019😲 Looking forward to escaping while exploring a new city. A dusty blush flatlay feels like it hits the mood today🤍⁠⁠
PROJECT REVEAL✨ When your client says, "I don't love rugs," you ask her to trust you and she sees the light💡⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #kingsburycondo
PROJECT REVEAL✨ A delightful corner shot and that's a wrap on our Talman office reveal! Let us know what you think of this space below⬇️⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠⁠#haywoodmade #talmanproject #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces
SCROLL STOPPER👀 Light coming through drapery with a soft pattern gets me every dang time😍 Stunning work by @anne_mcdonald_design ⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo
Cozy cottage vibes 🌳🏡🌻
PROJECT REVEAL✨ Anyone else's list making going into overdrive right now? I wish my desk looked as streamlined as this one from our Talman project🤩⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠⁠#haywoodmade #talmanproject #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces
It feels like time passes faster every year and 2023 is knocking on the🚪 Our project calendar has a few openings and we⁠would love to save a spot for YOU. Important to note: if you want a project to be completed in 2023, the time to start is NOW. Linkin.bio to start the process🏃‍♀️⁠⁠#haywoodmade #chicagointeriordesigner #interiordesign #design #interiordesigner #home #interiordesignproject
SCROLL STOPPER👀 We are so excited to expand into the sunroom at our Asbury project! We kicked it off last week and already pulling lots of inspo from this design by @isabellaworsley 💚⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo
A flatlay full of warmth🔥
SCROLL STOPPER👀 Everything that @logankilleninteriors touches is magic 🪄⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo
We've been mixing chartreuse in with our palettes lately and we are LOVING it💫⁠⁠
PROJECT REVEAL✨ Adding a layer of decor is what makes spaces truly special. In the Talman office, we placed a pet rock front and center😊⁠📷: @margaretrajic ⁠#haywoodmade #talmanproject #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces
SCROLL STOPPER👀 A stunning mix of materials and pattern to get this corridor of perfection💛 Amazing work by @miya.daigle⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo
PROJECT REVEAL✨ We make a cozy corner whenever possible🥰 Swipe for the before ➡️⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠⁠#haywoodmade #talmanproject #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces⁠
SCROLL STOPPER👀 A Saturday spot if I ever saw one by @meghan.eisenberg 🤍⁠⁠#interiordesign #design #instagood #inspiration #homedecor #photooftheday #luxury #smallbusiness #interior
Midnight blues + soft greens🤍
SCROLL STOPPER👀 The fluted cabinetry in this design by @lindyegalloway is giving us mega inspo vibes for a current project🪵⁠⁠#interiordesign #design #instagood #inspiration #homedecor #photooftheday #luxury #smallbusiness #interior
Gettin’ whimsy with it🐚
On Tuesdays, we scheme😁 We love this corner of our studio where we play until we dial it in juuuust right.⁠⁠📷: @stephaniebassos⁠
Anyone else contemplate starting a fire this past week?? Those nights were juuuust chilly enough🔥 This design by  @jesseparrislamb transcends seasons with that perfect blue and white checkered tile💙 🤍⁠⁠#interiordesign #design #instagood #inspiration #homedecor #photooftheday #luxury #smallbusiness #interior
Rich with warmer tones for today's flatlay🍊⁠⁠#haywoodmade #flatlayfriday #interiordesign #fabricswatches #texture #moodboard
PROJECT REVEAL✨ We love to layer bed linens for that EXTRA cozy vibe. Especially this time of year🍂⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #briarcondoproject
MEET THE TEAM TUESDAY👋 Gang's all here. So fortunate to grow the haywoodmade brand with strong female energy at the core of it all💥🙌🤍⁠⁠📷: @stephaniebassos
Cannot quit our love for built-in bunk rooms and this one by @summerthorntondesign is 🔥💙⁠⁠#interiordesign #design #instagood #inspiration #homedecor #photooftheday #luxury #smallbusiness #interior
Going with the forest flow 🪷 🦌
PROJECT REVEAL✨ Displaying family heirlooms is one of our favorite finishing touches❤️⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #briarcondoproject
SNEAK PEEK👀 Can't wait to share more of this sweet bedroom with you💕⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #thebellhouseproject
MEET THE TEAM TUESDAY👋 Say hi to Marci! She joined us in July and has been making a big impact as our Marketing & Shop Manager. Marci completed our team the day she joined and brings a unique blend of design as well as a masters in statistics. You can follow her account @chicago_diy for her amazing work!⁠1. What's your favorite design element?: My favorite design element has to be form since 3D elements give great depth to spaces.⁠⁠2. Brass, Nickel or Bronze?: Brass for sure, I love it.⁠⁠3. You have to choose one wallpaper.fabric to live with for the rest of your life GO?: A stone washed linen should be cozy for life! ⁠⁠4. Describe your ideal weekend plans?: Ideally I'd be curled up with my cats, a coffee, and a crochet project 🧶⁠⁠5. What do you love most about what you do?: I love finding beauty in everyday spaces. It helps me stay inspired.📷: @stephaniebassos
Because I fall in love with everything @heidicaillierdesign touches 🤍♥️⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration  #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo