Our Story

haywoodmade interiors is a full-service design studio located in the Portage Park neighborhood of Chicago. 

Through purpose filled design, we create meaningful spaces for our clients. We believe that life informs design and form follows function. 

The haywoodmade aesthetic draws inspiration from elements found in nature. Through neutrals and saturated color, we curate multi-faceted spaces that evoke feeling. Streamlined furnishings, performance fabrics, mixed materials and thoughtful touches are our specialty. 

haywoodmade is led by Kelsey Haywood, a start-up business maven turned entrepreneur, who values beautiful relationships as much as beautiful design.

Kelsey grew up in a small town in Indiana and comes from a family of builders and makers. That background instilled a deep work ethic and trained vision at the core of her being. She now lives in a 1920s bungalow with her husband and three children.

Email: hello@haywoodmade.com

Phone: +1 312-380-9311

studio + the shop: 4942 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago, IL 60641

"You can probably tell from photographs that she has a keen eye for design and listens to her client's vision. In addition, she is respectful of budget and timelines, always explaining our options so that we know what to expect. She is extremely organized. Best of all, she's a very nice, congenial person -
the kind who leaves a place better than how she found it.

While we initially hired her to help us finish our house, we have found ourselves continuing the relationship as we fine tune each room. In short, we definitely would recommend Kelsey and haywoodmade interiors!"

- Carrie C.
PROJECT REVEAL✨ A mixed of open and closed storage is our biggest tip for making a playroom fun and functional. Toys with small pieces in bins, use open shelves for the little’s current favs and bonus points for primary colors 🌈 ⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #briarcondoproject
All those moody aubergine vibes by @jakearnold 💜⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration  #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo
PROJECT REVEAL✨ Our clients are such talented artists it was hard to pick which work to display🎨⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #thepensacolahouse
Stone wall and tile goals brought to you by @heidicaillierdesign 😍⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration  #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo
I have a deep 💕 for built-ins. This design by @isabellaworsley demonstrates just how fun and unique they can be!⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration  #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo
Words that feel pretty aspirational on what should be a day of celebration. We are better than this. We must be better than this. ⁠⁠#haywoodmade #standwithwomen
The petite corner sink. Brass details. Woven mirror. Wallpaper. Pretty much all the elements that we ❤️ in this design by @thayerdesignstudio 🤩⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration  #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo
PROJECT REVEAL✨ When texture, color and sari silk meet💜 This rug sets the tone on the Queens Lane landing. It is a wool rug woven with recycled sari silk pieces throughout. It truly is one of a kind😍⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #queenslanehouseproject
〰️WE'RE HIRING〰️@theshop_haywoodmade is looking for a part-time Marketing + Shop Manager to join our team. Please share and see linkin.bio to apply😁⁠⁠Here are our must-haves:⁠⁠- retail and visual merchandising experience⁠- social media savvy (particularly Tiktok & Instagram Reels)⁠- excellent writing skills⁠- polished professionalism⁠- passion for being part of a growing small business ⁠⁠#theshopbyhaywoodmade #housewareswithastory #shoplocal #localchicago #chicagosmallbusiness #smallbusiness #wearehiring⁠
PROJECT REVEAL✨ After this past Friday, I think a lot of women can identify with the one in this photograph at our Pensacola project💔🤍⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #thepensacolahouse
MOOD BOARD MONDAY✨ Getting so close with the selections for our pantry reno. I decided to go with a cheerful blue green (F&B Teresa’s Green) on the pantry vs. F&B Brinjal and hope to have the project officially underway in early August!⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #lovelyleclaire
A runner that is art by @oliviaoutred 😍⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration  #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo
PROJECT REVEAL✨ Sometimes less is more😉 One of my favorite pieces in this #shelfie is the long crystal planter at the🔝 Perfect for a succulent to call home🌵⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #thepensacolahouse
It's wet bar inspo time for Queens Lane🍺🍷🍸We are working on the next phase of their project and addressing the basement. This one by @asiabakerstokes has my full attention🤩 Can't wait to see these come together next week!⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration  #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo
PROJECT REVEAL✨ We ♥️ swivels. Why?? They are versatile. They are fun AND functional. They add a layer of comfort to any space especially when used in pairs like at our Queens Lane house project. Here we upped the ante and mixed a geo fabric on the back with a soft leather on the front and added nailheads. We are all about the details that delight🥰⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #queenslanehouseproject
PROJECT REVEAL✨ When your clients are amazing artists and creators, a work in progress is part of the design🖼 ⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #thepensacolahouse
PROJECT REVEAL✨ The pandemic taught us the vital importance of a home office. This space off of the kitchen at our Pensacola house project is petite, but powerful⁠💪⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #thepensacolahouse
Have you been seeing all of the "green is the new blue” talk? Blue will always have a piece of our 💙, but throughout the past year, have found ourselves gravitating toward those cheerful greens and moody olives that keep things feeling fresh. This design by @brandon_schubert is exactly why!!⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration  #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo
A BIG congrats to our Marketing & Shop Coordinator @ambe.r__ on her graduation from Loyola last month 🎓 We are so lucky to have this talented woman as part of our team!⁠⁠#haywoodmade #haywoodmadeteam
To the brave🇺🇲⁠ We are grateful and thankful for you.⁠⁠#haywoodmade #memorialday #mdw
Gathering LOTS of inspo for our repeat clients that are building their vacation home in Door County, WI🏡 We will be using natural elements, textures and the color palette from the woods that surround the soon to be built home. This design by @jeanlouisdeniot captures so much of that in one shot. ⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration  #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo
SNEAK PEAK👀 Getting photos back for two projects we shot this month on a Friday before a long weekend, is better than Christmas❗Can't wait to get these beauties on the website😍⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #briarcondoproject
PROJECT REVEAL✨ We love a good bench moment. Set back from the family room at our Queens Lane project, this area didn't have a clear purpose when we started. As the natural progression through the house to the outdoor patio, we designated this as the Family Room Entertaining Space. You can sit for a drink, a conversation or your morning ☕ Swipe for the before!⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #queenslanehouseproject
PROJECT REVEAL✨ It's still brisk for May and it makes a sit in the sauna at our Pensacola house sound delightful😁⁠⁠📷: @margaretrajic⁠styling: @jennyofficer_⁠⁠#haywoodmade #thoughtfuldesignmeaningfulspaces #thepensacolahouse
I love this curated sitting room by @karamillerinteriors It's almost like she bottled up vacation and put it in a single room🌴⁠⁠#interiorinspiration #designinspiration  #interiordetails #interiorstyle #interiordesire #interiorforinspo