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In order to provide the best possible haywoodmade experience and deliver on your vision, we have a $50,000 project minimum.
We are currently taking on new projects with a December 2023 start date or later.
Sharing some more client love today from one of our favorite big boy rooms😍 

Truly, we are fortunate to work with the most wonderful clients. We are all about developing a long standing relationship with our clients to get to know them, their needs and how we can improve every day life no matter what space we are tackling. Here’s a testimonial from a happy client (and friend!) of haywoodmade:

"haywoodmade delivered on all of the design criteria we discussed, making the final space both beautiful and functional for our lifestyle.  I really appreciated the clear communication and frequent updates as the project progressed, as well as the efficiency.  I was impressed that the team really listened to our vision and even incorporated several of the existing pieces and artwork we already loved.  I am so happy with my choice to work with haywoodmade and highly recommend working with the team!"

Have a project in mind that you’re ready to make a reality in 2024? Head to our link in bio to start your journey!

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Happy Thanksgiving 💕🍂 I have so much to be thankful for, today and every day. This Thanksgiving I'm extra grateful for our clients who trust us with their homes, my team for their support and talents, and our vendors/trades for their partnership. Wishing love and warmth to all!

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Is it just me, or…

Does the color of a space really set the vibe?? 

Whether it’s paint, wallpaper, or pine, I cannot get enough! Which one catches your eye?👀 Let me know what you think below. 

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We love a new build. There is something extra special about being part of a project from the very beginning and being able to inform every decision with the client in mind. And that is just what we’re doing over at Ephraim in Door County🪵

Swipe to see more of our first walk through➡️ As you can see, things are REALLY starting to take shape. We still have a long way to go and we have so many exciting plans for this home. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon😍

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TSWIFT Team Outing💎 Last Friday we left the studio early to see @taylorswift Eras Tour and it gave me CHILLS. It injected all of us with a full dose of female empowerment which sometimes you just need, right?? So grateful for this team and the women who are a part of it❤️ 

#swifties #erastour #womensupportingwomen
Our team introductions wouldn’t be complete without introducing myself! If we’re just meeting, I’m Kelsey, the Owner & Principal Designer at haywoodmade and @theshop_haywoodmade🥂 Here’s a bit more about me: 

1. What's your favorite design element? I am torn between form and pattern. I always promote visual movement in our designs and adding pattern to soften or highlight the forms in it〰️

2. Old, new or a mix of the two? Mix. We so frequently use vintage rugs in our projects that it's become a signature part of our designs. A vintage rug brings such a grounding element, it's hard to beat😉

3. You can only change ONE THING in a space and you have an unlimited budget--what would you do? Wallpaper. EVERYWHERE☺️

4. What do you enjoy most about haywoodmade? I love our clients and team so much. I cherish each relationship we have and how they have allowed this business to grow. I feel so grateful to help a client's home function better and feel more like them❣️

5. Ideal weekend plans? Sleeping in, leisurely drinking a HOT latte, reading a design magazine or @heidicaillierdesign new book and shopping with friends. I would also sneak in a walk outside and kiddo snuggles🥰

I love sharing our work with you 💕 Thank you all for being here!

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A question I get often as an interior designer: “What’s the ONE thing I can do to enhance my home?” And honestly, my answer depends on what “home” feels like to you❣️

Is it sinking into a plush sofa to watch your favorite show after a long day? Or is it enjoying the morning light while sipping your coffee? Is it having a dedicated space for you and a separate space for the kids? Which I COMPLETELY get btw! Whatever home feels like for you, haywoodmade is here to talk design, details, and planning to make that feeling a reality. We’re now booking projects for 2024. Get started via the link in bio and swipe to see my top 4️⃣ favorite spaces in our house!

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So grateful for repeat clients who are amazing people and for all the vendors who we work with that make the Thayer living room SHINE🪩

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Rounding out the haywoodmade team introductions! 🍾 I’m thrilled for you to meet Colleen, our project coordinator AND the newest member of our team. Here’s a bit more about her:

1. What's your favorite design element?: Texture and lots of it〰️

2. Old, new or a mix of the two?: I like a solid blend of the 2, everything old is new again, right?!❣️

3. You can only change ONE THING in a space and you have an unlimited budget--what would you do? Lighting! It can totally transform a space. With an unlimited budget it would be so fun💡

4. What do you enjoy most about haywoodmade?: I love the camaraderie of creative women and trading inspirations with the team🫶

5. Ideal weekend plans?: Lake house, fireplace, nature, wine, family and friends🍷

We are SO grateful for all that you bring to haywoodmade, Colleen! 

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Beaming over another client testimonial🤩 This time from our Oakley project:

“We worked with haywoodmade because we wanted to make our home more beautiful, but were overwhelmed by all the options and had no idea where to start! Kelsey did an amazing job helping us to create a lovely, comfortable space that works for a family with young children. 

As part of her process, she presents multiple options and explains her design choices and why certain ideas will "work" or "not work." She has a team of vendors she works with to paint, do electrical work, and deliver and assemble furniture; they are all consummate professionals and I didn't have to hire or vet any of them. Kelsey is extremely patient, communicative, and fun to work with.”

It is such a joy to be part of each client's home journey and this was no exception🥰

Wondering how you could freshen up your beloved home? haywoodmade is now accepting projects for 2024! Head to our website to get started📩

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Another haywoodmade & the shop team introduction! 🍾 Please join me in welcoming Anna, our Social Media & Shop Manager🍾 Here’s a bit more about Anna:

1. What's your favorite design element?: Texture〰️

2. Old, new or a mix of the two?: Mix! 

3. You can only change ONE THING in a space and you have an unlimited budget--what would you do?: Wall art 🖼️

4. What do you enjoy most about haywoodmade?: Being in the studio, the environment is always inspiring as well as the team😊
5. Ideal weekend plans?: A run at a new park Friday, a trip to the city Saturday, some reading and relaxing on Sunday!

Anna is the smiling face you will see if you stop in the shop and we're so glad she's here❣️

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Light up your life 💡

Part of the role of an interior designer is to ensure that your home is laid out intuitively… and that the lighting is paired perfectly😉

Whether you’re looking for ambient lighting through a chandelier, table lamp or sconce, there are no shortage of options and we ❤️ them ALL.

Are you team sconce or table lamp? Be sure to save this one for future inspo!

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Meet the newest member of haywoodmade🍾 I feel so fortunate to have amazing people on our growing team. Today, I’m so excited to introduce you to Sam. Here is a bit more about our new Junior Designer:

1. What's your favorite design element?: Color 🎨
2. Old, new or a mix of the two? A mix꩜
3. You can only change ONE THING in a space and you have an unlimited budget--what would you do?: Lighting💡
4. What do you enjoy most about haywoodmade?: Each and every project is different, they have their own personalities just like our clients❣️
5. Ideal weekend plans?: Pizza a movie on Friday. Pilates shopping and drinks on Saturday. Yoga brunch and binging tv on Sunday📺

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✨ Client testimonials make our hearts happy✨ 

“The haywoodmade team is amazing! From the beginning, Kelsey and team worked with me to understand my wants and needs and come with options that integrated my style and choices along with their recommendations. They will work within your price points and have a great perspective on where to invest more or less for long term value, what existing things to use and incorporate new ideas. 

They have an amazing suite of third party providers, tradespeople and vendors - all were professional, on time and all details and logistics totally organized by Kelsey and team and with the highest quality. Definitely recommend and would use them again.”

We are SO grateful to each of our clients, and love when our collective vision results in a home that will be cherished for years to come! 

Have you been feeling that it’s time to invest in your home? haywoodmade has one spot open for 2023! Head to our website to get started📩

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When it comes to patterns, we ♥️ the magic of the mix 🪄

These are just a few show-stoppers from past projects. I always know it’s going to be a special project when we have the opportunity to pattern play. Which of these catches your eye? 

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🎙Coming soon to earbuds near you…

Me, talking about being a small business with ((@heartbeyourguide))!

This was such a beautiful conversation where we talked about what it’s like to navigate the inevitable ups and downs, balancing work and home life, and what I wish I’d known in the first few years. 

Keep an eye on my stories for when it goes live! 

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Our Queen’s Lane project received some press in @thespruceofficial! Here’s what they had to say about the Benjamin Moore Alabaster paint color: 

“White walls will complement any color sofa quite nicely, whether you opt for a vibrant piece or embrace a monochrome look. In this living room, the warm white walls are adorned with framed art and a circular mirror. The rest of the room is accessorized with lamps, woven baskets, brass candle holders, and more.”

We loved this project and are thrilled to share it with a wide audience. Join us in celebrating! 🥂

📷: @margaretrajic⁠
styling: @jennyofficer_

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9️⃣ years! The most perfect day in August there ever was. We are older, wiser, and have more life experience under our belt than we could have dreamed 9 years ago. Lucky to be doing life with you @mikehaywood ❤️
We are introducing the new role of PROJECT COORDINATOR at haywoodmade💫 If you're someone who loves to dig into the details and operations of design projects, we are looking for you! Here's what we are looking for in the ideal candidate:⁠
- Extremely detail oriented⁠
- Excellent time management and ability to pivot when presented with conflicting priorities⁠
- Excellent organization, project management and problem-solving skills⁠
- Excellent verbal and written communication⁠
- Professional and polished demeanor⁠
- Self-driven and takes direction well⁠
- High motor, high through-put⁠
Sound like you? Great! Apply via our🥰
The Thayer dining room ceiling got a glow up yesterday and it’s SO good✨

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SNEAK PEEK👀 The magic of a bedside vignette when your bedroom is a cozy oasis. Head to our portfolio ( for more from our Oakley project that will inspire sweet dreams😴⁠
📷: @margaretrajic⁠
styling: @jennyofficer_
We are hiring! Apply through our✨ We can't wait to hear from you.
SNEAK PEEK👀  A sneak peek of the Asbury sunroom install earlier this week! Can you tell what is old vs. new?🤓 Let us know what you think in the comments below!
PROJECT REVEAL✨ We are big time lovers of a sofa arm vignette especially when it includes a blue and blush moment.⁠ Noticing a trend in the feed?😉⁠
📷: @margaretrajic⁠
styling: @jennyofficer_
REEL big recap of last week's Door County adventures coming tomorrow, until then...🫣⁠
Photoshoot days are the best days💚 Can’t wait to share more of our Oakley project soon. All the grounded and earthy tones make it feel like a big hug🤗 

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