Reveal: Queens Lane Family Room

April 24, 2023
The Queens Lane family room is spring in a bottle. It’s bright. It’s fresh. It’s fun.
It was August 2020 when we started working on this Glenview home. I had just had Sylvie and was coming back from maternity leave. Things were starting to open up and our clients were eager to make their living spaces more functional. This project was also special because I had the chance to again work with the CEO I supported during my HR days. I love when life comes full circle! 
Our clients have two boys who are active and love to sink into a sofa when they come home. The adults were all about comfort too. As we always do, we started with the functional needs of the room. Our approach: we aren’t interested in sacrificing comfort for a beautiful design. It can be BOTH.

Before and immediately following install. The large sectional was deep, comfy and took up a lot of the visual real estate in the room. Introducing two custom DOUBLE SWIVELS and a 100″ sofa makes this room more open and airy.

The pair of swivels were the connection point to the entertaining space at the far end of the room and the kitchen. The intention with this design was for versatility: curl up and read/watch TV or socialize with a drink in hand when hosting. You may have noticed we often use swivels in our projects that are focused on living spaces. The multi-purpose capabilities they have are second to none!

These clients love color and it made for a truly cheerful space. We would love to know what you think! What is your favorite element in the room? Share in the comments below:)