Reveal: Sylvie’s Room

March 15, 2021
Sylvie’s room was previously our guest bedroom and now it’s the space I love the most in our house. When I found out I was having a girl, you better believe I’d already cooked up what this space would look like. My favorite color has been blue for as long as I can remember, so going boldly pink felt like too much. I wanted to be sure she had balance to her room so that it wasn’t too feminine or too specifically baby.
I typically like to take a design direction rather than adopt a theme for a space. Two things that I knew I wanted to use were a spin on botanical elements and the “just right” peachy-pink. When I found the artwork that is hung above Sylvie’s crib, things really aligned because it’s called “Garden Remixed and Reimagined.” That seemed to sum it up!
But first, the inspo:

This space had me smitten as soon as I saw it. It was EXACTLY what I pictured and the first item of business was to find the perfect vintage rug. Which is FAR easier said than done, but I found it!

It’s one of the more striking vintage rugs I’ve ever seen and the perfect peachy-pink can be found in the rug’s corner arch motif. From there, the wall color was determined as Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground (bottom swatch pictured above). It wasn’t without trying quite a few samples on the wall as previously mentioned in our Design How-To post!

A quick look at the room’s prior versions:


Before moving in back in 2016. 

Our guest room was a bit of a dumping ground for things in our house. And you can see how little I cared about this bed being made when super pregnant, ha. 


Pre-drape install. Quick design tip: don’t damage those freshly painted walls by rehanging old drapes! Take a finishing nail or two and tap into the window casing. 

Coming together! When the shelf showed up, the room felt like it was approaching the finish line. Remember that peach arch in the motif? The shelf mimics that and becomes a focal point.


A borrowed Jenny Lind crib from our neighbor and friend was a lifesaver.

This vintage rattan shelf made its way to Chicago via the bottom of a Greyhound bus at the height of the pandemic! The pair of pressed flowers were made by my great grandma and used to hang in my parent’s house growing up. Rematted and reframed they have a new life.

Layered blackout woven shades and drapery mean = best baby sleep. The Rebecca Atwood Gem’s fabric adds a geometric pattern mix on the rocker.

One of the most meaningful pieces in Sylvie’s room is this quilt that was made by my mom’s very good friend. She took old quilting squares that my great grandma had started likely in the 90s and created this incredible quilt. Still brings tears to my eyes thinking about how many generations of my family have touched these pieces of fabric and it will be in our family for more to come.

As is the goal with all baby/kiddo spaces, this will be one that grows and changes with Sylvie through the years. She’s changing before my very eyes and one day she’ll get to pass some of these heirloom pieces down to her kids:)