Reveal: Kids Room

January 20, 2021

Our boys Reed & Remy share a room. There are a lot of things that make this space fun, playful and cozy. All things that two growing boys love!

The boys’ room is the only space in our house that has been minimally touched renovation wise. These knotty pine walls and cork flooring were here when we moved in and will remain as long as I have anything to say about it:) 

What has changed and evolved is the ways we have used this space. It was just Reed in this room for the first two years and then Remy joined him on the other side of this symmetrical space. I’m grateful every single day that this room is generous in size and that the boys truly love sharing a room.


The only things we updated in the room were painting the exterior of the door and trim, radiator cover and ceiling a crisp white. 

I took this photo the week before Reed was born in March 2017 not knowing as a first time parent that he wouldn’t be sleeping in here for a VERY long time.


The first night Reed spent in this room he was easily almost 2.5 months old and slept in the rock-n-play (GASP, I know!) next to his crib for weeks before we transitioned him to his crib. We spent so much time in this room when he was little and while my memory blocks out 98% of those moments, I did love rocking a sleeping Reedo on my shoulder.


Reed was ready for his big boy bed likely WAY sooner than we were. I was very pregnant with Sylvie and since the boys share a room anything that one of them does, effects both and in turn effects everyone in the house because that means no one is sleeping. Not something I was interested in tackling until we had to. About a month after Sylvie was born, Reedo figured out how to climb out of his crib in his sleep sack. To his credit, he was well into 3 years old and needed his independence to go potty without us lifting him out every time. The transition from the putting his crib mattress on the floor before his twin mattress arrived was hands down the worst part of the journey. Then it was waiting on the backordered bed frame and that put us into September and during that time Reed decided that the knots in the pine paneling looked like eyes and scared him to death at night. We took to covering those with post-its in a moment of genius thanks to Mike and eventually I found an amazing shop on Etsy that makes easy to remove space decals to complete the space theme Reedo was loving!

Desperate times call for desperate measures that did not fit into the design plan. 

In case anyone wonders if a designer’s house is always photo ready: the answer is NO.


Strategically placed book ledges for all of those “nice” books, blackout roller shade as well as blackout drapes and a wool rug all add to the functionality of this space. Fun fact: I took floor length drapes to be altered to cafe length drapes and also got a blackout skylight solution for the other side of their room with the excess fabric.

While this room will likely never look this good or clean again, it’s so special. It’s given me joy to see it transform over the years and watch the boys grow into it in their own ways. Piling on Reed’s bed with each boy under an arm while reading bedtime books is one of my all time favorite things to do with them. Even in the craziest of times on the hardest of days, that helps my brain slow down and take in the good.