The Sawyer Kitchen is a fun and unexpected space. Our clients wanted funky, without the trendy that often times follows. They knew they wanted two-tone cabinets, but weren’t exactly sure how to execute it. And that’s where we came in! The end result is vibrant and playful in a space that was once dark and drab.


Builder grade cabinets and backsplash with shallow uppers made it VERY challenging to use this space effectively. We kept the footprint of the kitchen the same, but gutted everything to customize the best possible use of the storage behind the cabinet doors.

The can lighting was poorly laid out and didn’t actually illuminate anything other than the top of the cabinets.

Directly across from the kitchen is this sunny eat-in nook. They had this beautiful table and chairs that was the perfect focal point, but the space needed to be simplified through updating the lighting and wall color.


Choosing all the selections from backsplash, countertop, cabinet color, to wall color and hardware, there are a LOT of decisions to make when renovating a kitchen. This makes it seem like things happen overnight, but we assure you, tons of thought and searching go into narrowing down selections to just a handful of options for each.

It’s such a great day when the cabinets go in!

Properly laid out recessed can lighting makes ALL the difference. Especially in a kitchen.

Lighting is the thing that helps you start to know the finish line is near!



This project was a labor of love that I did while super pregnant with Remy. One of the last things I did before going into labor was to be sure the punch list was in the contractors hands and that my clients knew they were taken care of. Then one of the first things I did after returning from leave was the photo shoot which was a great way to step back into work:) Having clients who are patient with the design process and understanding when unexpected things pop up (because even with the best laid plans, something always comes up!) means the world. It can be so difficult to have your home torn about day after day for weeks or even months, but it’s always worth it in the end!