Petra_Ford_DSC_1700 Kelsey Haywood Final

Leclaire Master Bathroom Project

June 13, 2019

Designing our master bathroom was a challenge to say the least. It’s the only bathroom on our second floor, I was VERY pregnant and as always, I had a vision for the space. However, in this case I skipped over the meticulous plan that I would normally have for any other project. Enter analysis paralysis and becoming my own worst client! Nevermind all that. Let’s breakdown the space and enjoy the journey:)



This bathroom was part of the larger renovation that the previous owner did in the mid-2000s. The vanity was 32” high vs. the standard 36”. These slab front doors were great, but you’ll see that they no longer lined up because the door was too large and therefore too heavy on the hinges.


Right before demo started!


Bye-bye, beige! But first, some inspo for the space…

Top left: renderings of the vanity. Top right: scheme of the shower tile (Fireclay 3×9 Flagstone), floor tile, paint color (Benjamin Moore Decorators White), cabinetry and hardware. The deep rooted inspiration was to have the bathroom feel like an extension of the outdoors. The skylights bring so much of the outdoors in and I wanted all of the materials to follow that lead. Bottom left: quartz for the vanity, shower curb, shower niches and bench. Bottom right: contractor sketch on the wall for the bench and outside niche that holds extra TP.


Demo day.


Clean slate. I love this part of the process!


When a sheet of plastic is the only thing between your bedroom and a construction zone.


Progress shots of the meticulous tile layout process and lining up the right mix of veining in the marble floor tile.

Inching closer to the finish line before the glass was installed.


Petra_Ford_DSC_1693 Kelsey Haywood Final

The general layout of the vanity didn’t change because it did function really well for us. The drawer dimensions were customized to accommodate our toiletries that never stood up in the old drawers because they were too shallow. And one of the things I love the most was having full drawer dividers to prevent things from being a complete mess all the time.

Petra_Ford_DSC_1707 Kelsey Haywood Final

FINALLY! We expanded the size of the shower by 18” to accommodate a bench and centered the glass panels rather than have the door left of center as it was before. We continued the same quartz from the vanity countertop in the shower niches and the top of the bench as well as the shower curb.

Petra_Ford_DSC_1700 Kelsey Haywood Final

This is one of my favorite angles of the space because you can see how running the shower tile all the way up accentuates the dormered ceiling.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite part of this project? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!